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Create your unique personalized Maprides map

We provide stylish prints and canvases that we hope will evoke a sense of memory every time you look at them.

You can customize the map as you wish with backgrouds, texts, colours...

The logo of Maprides - a company who creates posters and canvases based on your Strava data

Our story

Customize your own heatmap


Cycling activities printed on a poster

Create your personal print

Using your own data and adding the text you want guarantees that your print is unique and personal.

Turn your cycling and running activities into art

Map your most memorable places

Your hometown, training camp or the big race you won. You can customize your print with text and maps.

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Customize your Strava print or canvas

Different sizes

You can choose the size of the print from many options. You can also select either portrait or landscape orientation.

You can customize all the activities you have on Strava

Customize now your own heatmap

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Customize the map with your choises